Commanders in Crisis #7 Review

The American Individuality Act moves forward as the world looks on in envy. The loss of empathy has left few speed bumps on the road to worldwide chaos. Can the Crisis Command’s hail mary revelation about the Multiverse kickstart Earth’s caring? And will Frontier escape the Lightning World in time for it to matter?”

After the reveal of who the members of Crisis Command actually are the first half of our dynamic duo tackles the literary challenges within “The Action of Confession.” The world finds itself with the stark reality of where we stand as the multiverse crumbles around us. And in this seventh part writer Steve Orlando grabs the bull by the horns as he pushes our characters with slightly hokey but nevertheless perfect concepts and places that feel right at home within the scope of his epic. It’s hard not to love and appreciate every bit of dialogue with the grins they earn, whether it’s the Lightning World or our new team of baddies there’s a lot to enjoy.

Support for the Individuality Act is crumbling (good thing), our leader is on the outs with her team (bad thing) and empathy is still dead (really bad thing)! But what I love most about this book is the art by Davide Tinto. It’s what made me want to pre-order the title from my local comic shop in the first place and seven issues in the pencils here still rock my world. Honest to goodness my favorite part is how the illustrator tackles reactions from normal people to Frontier this is triple A highly entertaining stuff. With dynamite colors by Francesca Carotenuto there’s no denying the visual awesomeness at play from the first page to the final panel.

Commanders in Crisis #7 has a lot going on but thankfully we have a creative team that keeps their eye on the ball as they downright deliver on just about every level. Highly recommended.

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