Robert E. Howard’s Conan is brought to life UNCENSORED! Discover the true Conan, unrestrained, violent, and sexual. Read the story as he intended!

A young woman in danger is pursued by her vile master. Conan, whose family has just been wiped out by this same master, puts an end to the beauty’s pursuer, and saves her with a blow of his sword. Bound by fate, the couple decide to hit the road together. Their journey takes them to an island where they discover strange ruins inhabited by dark magic. Their paradise-like refuge soon turns into a suffocating nightmare where shadows lurk. Who knows the extent of the dangers that lie there? They will quickly learn that on an island, the biggest threat does not always come from the outside…

Iron Shadows in the Moon reveals the genius of its author in describing universes as singular as they are mysterious. With her line, both delicate and powerful, Virginie Augustin illustrates this oppressive and mystical atmosphere, and gives the story a new graphic breath.”

From the first page to the last panel this release oozes with the personality we’ve come to expect as Conan the Cimmerian returns for a fifth volume with ABLAZE Publishing. And if you’ve come for high adventure featuring barbarians, maidens and swords you’re in luck; as this latest romp adapted by Virginie Augustin follows our hero in pursuit of the man who just laid waste to his family. While on the hunt he crosses path with a prisoner fleeing for her life and from there the picture falls into place as the issue tills the ground gearing up for its arc.

What we have is a not so heavy script focused on set up that keeps a methodical pace from start to finish. It never lost my interest and considering the fact that our scribe pulls double duty handling the art I have few complaints. From a visual standpoint the comic lives up to it’s “uncensored” promise as this latest Robert E. Howard short gets the detail it deserves. The line work is at times chaotic but the level of detail and kinetic energy more than fits what fans of our warrior are looking for. My only problem was the abrupt ending.

First time picking up a Conan book? This is a good starting point! For those seasoned veterans The Cimmerian: Iron Shadows in the Moon #1 packs enough of a punch to guarantee interest as our hero and escapee from the palace of Shah Amurath get to know each other. Recommended.

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