The Scumbag #6 Review

An army of deadly know-it-all devil hippies known as Moonflower plans to brainwash all of humanity with hyper piety! Ernie Ray doesn’t care until a hot cult escapee convinces him to help. Can he stop them and earn her love? Will he join the 238,000-mile-high club? Is hepatitis transmittable in space? All will be explored!

Working for a clandestine organization is tough especially for The Scumbag in this comic! But thanks to an awesome script by Rick Remender our somewhat hero Ernie Ray Clementine remains a gift from cover to cover. Central Authority has run into a PR snag, as their top agent with the secret serum has been spilling the beans to the press from his Fortress of Ballitude. The story unfolds from their as our scribe continues to chart this obnoxious but undeniably funny yarn. It really is a well put together piece that entertains. So much so that when I finally reached the cliffhanger finish I found myself more than ready for the next one.

Now when we get to the art by Bengal there’s no denying that the pictures fit what we’re reading in this book. It’s a frantic over the top display that’s always engaging with a set of visuals that carry our reluctant hero from panel to panel. It’s solid pencil work that makes this title not only a fun one to experience but may make you want to re-flip through its contents when you’re done. Add in the colors by Moreno Dinisio and what we’re left with is what the comic needs: vibrancy. Each scene pops with the zany atmosphere it requires. So trust me when I say you probably didn’t think this should be on your pull-list right now but, let’s be real, it does.

When it comes The Scumbag #6 and the ongoing adventures of Ernie Ray Clementine I can’t help but tell you that it’s all worth a look. Is it high brow? Nope. Is it fun? Ya damn right! Recommended.

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