Maria Llovet’s Eros/Psyche #2 Review

Sara’s life at The Rose has started and so far has been nothing but idyllic and happy. But soon she’ll realize behind the firm rules of the institution there are also shadows and secrets.”

I’m going to spend some time gushing over this one because it was that good! As a reader I dig when things come off as eerie but compelling, and after two issues Maria Llovett you got yourself a fan in this reviewer!

Eros/Psyche #2 is a love story at heart with a boarding school, called The Rose, as its backdrop. What worked for me was simple yet cunning dialogue that just climbed off the page. At the center our two students get to learn more about each other while the rules at play show their dark consequences. Things happen, death and disturbing images ensue all while the relationship between Sara and Silje keeps the arc where it needs to be.

The author has a knack for pace which yields a surprising amount of suspense but it’s the art that makes this one a top tire title. Detailed forms, beautifully rendered expressions and a healthy use of negative space… it all just evokes the right responses. A great example of this came when Maria Llovett had one of her main characters tell the myth of Eros and Psyche. It’s a powerful two panel page that hits hard and just works!

What’s more compelling than passion and affection with a weirdly unsettling backdrop??? I can’t think of anything! That’s why I can gleefully tell you that the $3.99 cover price is nothing, you deserve a copy of Maria Llovet’s Eros/Psyche #2. Get this and the last one and you will be a happy camper, highly recommended.

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