Beta Ray Bill #5 Review

Beta Ray Bill and his allies must fight the ultimate battle against Surtur, the fire god responsible for the destruction of Bill’s home planet! It’s going to take an eminent amount of power to defeat this foe! But with his goals in sight, is Bill ready to pay the cost required to return to his former self?
Rated T+”

What’s a Korbinite to do when faced with the dreaded fire god, Surtur? Anything he friggin’ can! That’s where we find Beta Ray Bill as Daniel Warren Johnson brings his saga for a new weapon to a close. The “Argentstar” finale is a well thought out and expertly crafted piece that’s going to get new fans, like me, invested which believe me is just downright outstanding for such an offbeat but iconic primary.

The pages and panels are just rich with intricacy and drip with detail. Truly stellar line work that’s more than a bit frantic and always expressive lights up the cast from Skurge to Skuttlebutt. Each player gets the attention they richly deserve as Daniel Warren Johnson pulls double duty with a wholly satisfying display. He makes the struggle for Twilight engaging, relatable and epic all at the same time!

The issue was fun from cover to cover and offered everything you could want from a conclusion for the low price of $3.99. Beta Ray Bill #5 wraps up its arc nicely and leaves enough room for the future, while capping off a five issue mini-series that which was a rather perfect entry point for new fans.

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