First ABLAZE brought you the surreal, bewitching tale of Maria Llovet’s Eros/Psyche…now comes Porcelain.

Beryl’s life in the desert, living with her aunt and her cat, is relatively simple…until the day she finds and enters the Dollhouse.

Stuck inside an ever-changing mystery house that hunts children and turns them into dolls, Beryl goes on a psychedelic journey where she must face the notion of her own limitations and move past them…before she becomes the building’s newest prey.

PORCELAIN is a labyrinth of a psychologically thrilling experience told in a way that only acclaimed creator Maria Llovet (Faithless, Heartbeat, Loud, Eros/Psyche) can tell it.”

Welcome to the weird disturbing world of Porcelain where there’s plenty to unpack. If you’re familiar with Maria Llovett you know weird disturbing is what you get when you pick up a title by this talent but I’m a recent fan and after reading Eros/Psyche nabbing this one was a no brainer. What a way to begin!

Beryl, our main character, is set on a path to better apply herself. And while on the road toward getting a job she gets taken in by a creepy doll house. You know, as you do in the middle of nowhere. Now what you get for $3.99 is a visual treat. Slender lines complement detailed characters that fill eerily engrossing landscapes.

What’s going to happen next month? I have no idea! Did I close the comic more confused than when I opened it? Yep. Should you head to your local shop and snag a copy? You better believe it! Because Maria Llovet’s Porcelain #1 is a hauntingly beautiful tale in a visual medium and you need to have it in your collection.

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