Mighty Morphin #10 Review

Discover Zordon’s ties to Bandora’s Palace on the Moon – the modern home of Rita Repulsa.

When an assassin is sent to disrupt the Eltarian efforts to protect an ancient weapon Zordon is injured in the process and his mentor, Zophram, must make a decision that will alter the future of the Power Rangers as we know it!”

The creative team on Mighty Morphin absolutely nails it with a deep dive into the past. We’ve been given snippets here and there but this one is squarely focused on yesteryear as Ryan Parrott gives a dialogue rich entry that had me squealing at the end. Great script and a fine example of how to stick a landing with a cliffhanger to boot! It’s hard not to discuss what happened but I promise no spoilers.

Seriously if the written word is not enough I present the art by Dan Mora. The man is a beast who gives eager readers a stylized, detailed and very expressive world chock full of character work that carries the whole tale from cover to cover. I love every panel and page. Seriously if it was just the pretty pictures and no text it would still be worth $3.99. So do yourself a favor: go get yourself a copy.

Mighty Morphin #10 is ready to fill in some backstory and man oh man it’s a doozy. If you haven’t been following what BOOM! has been putting out then I’m here to help correct that. This NEEDS to be on your pull-list period. There’s just no question that you’re missing out on some epic awesomeness!

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