Sensational Wonder Woman #6 Review

When Queen Bee hypnotizes the Amazons of Themyscira into aiding her plot to have women take over the world, Diana finds herself potentially in over her head with a deadly opponent who’s caught her off guard. Wonder Woman must rely on her strength and wits to take down Queen Bee, her squad of villains, and an army of Amazon drones!”

Looking for an entry level WW comic? Sensational Wonder Woman is a title built for you! The latest issue by Sina Grace gives a story that starts off with Artemis plus Amazons attacking the world of men for reasons unknown. The dialogue is spot on as the author handles our primary well; Diana does her thing and discovers the truth behind all of this leading to several engaging confrontations.

But what makes the “The Queen’s Hive” accessible and easy to follow is straight forward detailed works by Paul Pelletier. All characters look as they should and the action is well formed with iconic poses to boot. It also helps that the villains involved are unique enough to easily differentiate. Plus they’re ones readers will be familiar with if you’ve been following the main title Rebirth and beyond.

I love the feel and reading experience of Sensational Wonder Woman #6, It just comes off as classic without being too over the mark. It’s a straight forward romp that sees Diana overcome while taking on some considerable odds in the process. It’s good fun and sometimes that’s exactly what you need on your pull-list. So if you got some space don’t hesitate and add this DC comic to your buy pile.

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