The Mighty Valkyries #4 Review

The bowers of Hel are filled – with new life?! Just what is Karnilla, Queen of the Dead, trying to do? And if the cycles of life and death are in flux, where does a Valkyrie’s allegiance fall? Jane Foster and her new comrade in arms, Rúna, must untangle a web of lies before the realms of both the living and the dead are irrevocably changed!
Rated T+”

What do you get when Norse mythology comes head to head with harsh reality? You get a mom with missing children, Hel getting complicated and a hunter closing in on his prey. That’s where we find The Mighty Valkyries as Jason Aaron and Torunn Gronbekk spin a heavy handed yarn that’s complex but oh so very good. There’s a lot going on for Jane and Rúna, so strap yourselves in for a bumpy ride!

It’s a text heavy entry that’s uplifted by the visual work on display. The ultra-realistic panels by Mattia De Iulis light Jane’s journey as she seeks to understand the scope of last issue’s cliffhanger. So lots of serious moments get the attention they richly deserve. Meanwhile Erica D’Urso brings a playful and stylized atmosphere for Rúna. There’s lots to enjoy as these pretty pictures keep the comic flowing.

The big question: should you pick this up or not? Yes but only if you’ve been following the mini-series. With this one it’s not something you can just come into blind, but believe me if you’re in the market for Thor but not Thor centric than The Mighty Valkyries #4 is made for you. Seek out the previous three issues and even the King in Black tie-in to really dive deep and all will be wonderfully awesome.

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