Alien #6 Review

•  Epsilon Station is losing its orbit.
•  Gabriel Cruz is losing his son.
• Can anything be saved?
Parental Advisory”

Opening arc ends here for Alien and holy moley! Phillip Kennedy Johnson nails it, as the odyssey of Gabriel Cruz hits its climax. Picking up right after last issue’s cliffhanger we see a situation where, let’s be honest, looks like a no win scenario. I’m not spoiling anything here but trust me when I tell you: the author wraps and reveals in style, all while leaning in on what could happen next for the franchis.

After six issues I’m a HUGE fan of Salvador Larroca, because this comic is just beautiful. Details and expert lines guide the story, with panels that convey the action in a way that never takes away from the drama. Whether it’s the remnants of Epsilon Station, Danny, Bishop or Alpha it’s just hard not to grin ear to ear when you see these illustrations. Seriously I’ll be following this talent onto his next book.

Was I expecting what happened in this outing? Nope. Is that a good thing? You better believe it! Alien #6 ignites a fire for the series that was already good by giving fans a fresh interpretation of the lore. The creative team just delivers the goods while making sure we get the pay off the arc had earned.

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