Avengers: Tech-On #2 Review

• The Avengers encounter Venom in Yokohama, but he’s supersized, super charged and out of control!
•  Can Tony Stark’s untested “Do Hatsu” mode upgrade turn the tide, or is this the beginning of the end?
•  AVENGERS: TECH-ON AVENGERS is a sentai-inspired action-adventure series produced in partnership with Bandai Namco of Japan, written by Jim Zub (Uncanny Avengers, Champions) and illustrated by Jeff “Chamba” Cruz (Venom: The End, Street Fighter).”

The second issue of Tech-On is here and the creative team nails it! Our heroes are getting used to the new normal of their suits while the Red Skull continues to vibe like Rita Repulsa or Lord Zedd. Jim Zub handles the script and the author keeps our focus where it should be from start to finish. 

Just like the written word the display is wildly good and fun to flip through! In this second outing the art by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz continues to impress. The characters are highly expressive and their fresh guises are unique enough to distinguish our icons from Spidey to Black Panther and beyond.

Do you dig sentai? Like Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Then strap in because this creative team needs to get out our heads! Seriously they’re delivering blow for blow the mashup I’ve always wanted but never knew I needed. Avengers Tech-On #2 is so good it rather easily earns a spot on your pull-list.

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