Maria Llovet’s Porcelain #2 Review

The appearance of a mysterious guide may be of some comfort for Beryl, but the more she learns about the Dollhouse, the more frightening and confusing it becomes. With no easy exit in sight, she must keep her wits about her and find the way out before she is turned into a doll herself and stuck there forever!”

Deeper and deeper we go, tumbling down through this odd rabbithole. The second issue of Porcelain is here and Maria Llovett gives us another guest that’s trapped in the Dollhouse. Meet Axel, she’s spunky and a bit disenchanted but she’s been here. Which is great because I’m confused… but I dig it. 

Huge fan of the pages by Maria Llovett, because the art is truly something else! A world of suspense is built up by a highly detailed but always eerie design. You can see the patience and care each panel recieves as the narrative relies on the visual aspects of this medium to convey Beryl’s joruney.

There’s no question, especially if you’re into suspense or horror, you need to add this book to your pull-list. Maria Llovett’s Porcelain #2 is hauntingly good and this second entry moves the story forward while giving just enough to keep its audience invested, so by all means go grab yourself a copy!

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